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Road Trip With Jay

Posted - April 18, 2017, by Vuyisani

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one for camping, I’m just not that kind of girl, I just simply am not built in that way. I was however looking for something different to do for the New Year. The plan was a simple one, me and my best friend Jay wanted to do a road trip, an epic road trip and the destination needed to be a place we had never been before or something we had never done before and above all else it needed to be close to the ocean. Jay found Sand River Getaway online and we made the commitment to have our first ever "glamping" trip. We took on the 1368 Km trip in a way that only people who had never driven that distance would. We were ill prepared by any standards but we were very determined to have a good time.  I knew before we even went on the trip that it would be significant for the both of us, I knew it was one of those trips that would change us as individuals but also as friends. I wanted to start the New Year with a fresh outlook on life, wanted to go into 2017 feeling like the best version of myself. 


We arrived at Sand River very late due to an argument we had in some small weird town in the Free State, I had driven from that point. When we arrived I had been up for tooo long and I had had way tooo much sun but I could not help but notice the stars. Sand River Getaway is an Eco getaway that is run completely on solar power, and the first thing that hit me upon arrival was just how dark the sky was and how the stars seemed to litter the sky in what I can only describe as a dance. It was like walking into a party and everyone and everything there sparkled. There was a sense of adventure and calm in the air, and immediately I knew we had made the right choice. 


Thank you Sand River Getaway for your hospitality and for creating a space where one can recharge and go back to basics without feeling like you are Bear Grills.


This is what driving a total of 2736Km with your bestie has taught me

  • Sometimes in life you are going to have to carry the burden of the work so that you can make it to where you are going. Sometimes you are the only one who will be willing to do the work accept this and when you do tackle whatever task and do it like a beast, it doesn't matter how long you have been up, it doesn't matter how much work you have already done you have to push forward as hard as you can because you cannot allow anything or anyone else to determine when you reach your destination. 
  • You do not need to agree on everything you just need to be respectful, kind and loving however speak your mind but know when to let things go, there is freedom in allowing life to happen as it should, you don’t always have to be in control. However give yourself the permission to be bold and upfront about the things that are important to you, if there is ever a time to be bold this is it.
  • It’s not going to be easy, it’s not meant to be, it’s meant to be worth it. Make sure the experiences you’re spending you money on and the people you are spending your time with are worth it. That way you will not wake up one day disillusioned because you gave someone or something more significance than it was worth. 
  • Before you do anything before you spend time with people you need to understand what it gives you, how it serves your life and how it’s contributing to your purpose. Know and understand your intention so that however you are received by others does not affect your person. Understand that people can only meet you at their level.
  • Be open to new experiences, you never know where it could lead you. Venture out of your comfort zone every once in a while, it will open you up to a whole new world. Be adventurous, have a little courage and be bold. This life is all we get there are no do overs.

 I look forward to more adventures 


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