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Salt Art with Percy

Posted - April 18, 2017, by Vuyisani

What is true art? A work of perfect fiction, a well sculptured stature, a sublime paragraph as alerted by Longinus, a collection of Zakes Mda’s works or maybe Shakespeare’s sonnets, all these are great works of art which have earned their place in the classics. However, a naughty-play by Percy Maimela turned out to be a genius work of art.

Percy was just a normal young man passing time at work when he discovered what he refers to as “a light bulb moment”. This moment happened in 2014 when he was working at a retail shop and he walked into the storage room and found some salt spilled on the floor, seeing the dark floor and the white salt he started drawing using the salt and the floor as his canvas. Fast-forward to 2017 he has now created a line of A-listers’ portraits including former USA president Barak Obama, former South Africa‘s first black president Nelson Mandela and recently he made  Sowetan newspapers’ headline after portraits of Joe Mafela and Agmed Kathrada respectively.  

Both and Sowetan have wonderful reviews about the artist they referred to as the salt artist, however Percy has developed his craft into a full time job, and since he decided to resign from his work at the retail store in 2014 to concentrate on his craft full time, he has revolutionized  ground art. His action of concentrating on his craft full time has made him turn what started as a naughty-play into full time work of awe-perfection and  greatness. had a chat with Percy and this is what he had to say:

Tell us about yourself;

I am Percy Maimela, born in 1985 at Winterveldt. I'm a full time professional artist mainly dealing with commissions. Renowned for making artworks with Salt on the ground (salt-art),Though that is not the only materials I use people love it because it is a new thing.


What inspires you?

Life in general is my inspiration and the fact that anything is possible.


What are your three basic life principles?

Dream, Plan, and Act. I believe action determines possibilities, the more you act the more possibilities you get.


What is your legacy?

I don't have a legacy yet, that's what I'm working towards.


 Product information

I paint, draw, and I produce creative art pieces for clients. My products can be anything from clients' portrait to conceptual art.

What is your vision and mission?

My vision is to be well established and to share my gift with the world.

My Mission is to make my name "Percy Maimela artist",   a brand which will be known all over the world.To achieve this I have several ways such as creating exhibitions of my work , and also using social media, newspapers and other media  for advertising and exposure of my art to the world.


Any personal important relationships which are a driving force?

I have a kid yes.


What was the inspiration behind following your craft?

Art has always been in me so the inspiration was more internal than external.

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