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For the Love of Print

April 18, 2017

Contributor: Aderonbi Culture

Aderonbi Culture was founded in 2015 by Aderonbi Odukoya, her love of shoes drove her to design the type of shoes she would like to wear or purchase. Aderonbi Culture started with a single pair of shoes. The brand was created as a solution to the frustration that comes with wanting to be unique and to stand out without being restricted by the limitations of traditional retail stores.


Our focus has been on price, style and accessibility. We at Aderonbi culture believe in quality at an affordable price, our shoes are handmade and made to perfection. Since its inception the brand has evolved to also include matching belts, bags and hand bands to match a shoe’s design. We have wide range of designs available to our clients to choose from at affordable prices for any type of age and gender, there is something for everyone.


Our Design your own shoe feature allows our clientele to select the design of their own shoes, clients are able to choose fabrics and finishing making each shoe unique to each client. Our design your own shoe platform allows the client to choose the leather, to sole types and different ranges of fabrics. Because each pair is custom made to the client’s specification the shoes are different every time, this puts the customer in charge of the design process and ensure that every pair speaks to who that client is and showcases their personality.


All fabrics are sourced on the African continent, we at Aderonbi Culture travel the continent in search of the best quality products made in a sustainable way. Each shoe is hand stitched and assembled from start to finish on the continent.  Aderonbi culture aims to promote Africa as a manufacturing hub, our aim is to showcase Africa and products produced on the continent to the whole world.


The love of shoes has always inspired Aderonbi culture to create more designs and every pair has been designed and handmade with love and joy.


We love African prints