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April 18, 2017

Contributor: Flo Food Fusion

Growing up with a Venda grandmother must be what I think growing up with a Jewish grandmother or mother must be life. There was always food at my grandmother’s house, there was either something cooking or someone eating, there was always someone visiting, a house filled with light and love and chatter. Me, my two siblings and all 10 of my cousins – Yes I have 10 cousins – would be at my grandparents’ house for every school holiday, that’s a lot of kids and a lot of cooking but my grandmother seemed to take it all in her stride. My cousin Zelda once said that because of how much food was such a huge part of our lives she has always equated food or the giving of food to the giving of love. And I understand her because I feel the same way, my grandmother always made sure there was an abundance of everything, LOVE and FOOD were right at the top of her list.She taught us about sharing and giving in the most basic way… as soon as there was a guest they were offered something to eat or drink. Kowani Xisati was all about hospitality and family and giving.

As you can imagine growing up in this way has made me a lover of food, so when Flo, a girl from my home town started Flo Food Fusion I was beyond excited for two reasons 1. Because you can never have enough condiments and relish 2. Because she was doing the damn thing, she was stepping into an industry and environment that few of her peers had considered and she was owning her space. Fleurette Maluleke is a 34 year old foodie from my home town of Giyani Limpopo, she is a driven dynamic young lady who decided that talent and entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive and has gone on to create a company that focuses on creating world class SABS approved relishes.

She has no formal culinary training, her business is purely a passion she has had since a young age. At the age of 8 she owned a recipe book and used to create pastries, cakes for family and friends. She is a young black woman blazing the trail in an industry that is yet to be discovered and explored. She has taken on the task of creating a brand that focuses on quality above all else with each batch made from fresh ingredients. She has used her greatest tragedy to fuel her ambition, she has used the example set by her late brother to always have “so much life and ambition and he is the reason I want to succeed, his larger than life attitude has inspired me to chase my dreams.” Flo Food Fusion manufactures chili based products, all products are homemade and handmade. The products are full of flavor and are a great accompaniment to any dish.

ALL chili products are handcrafted to perfection using fresh quality ingredients. Flo Food Fusion Chili relish comes in two flavors. Sweet & Tangy Relish a mild flavor for those who want a bit of sweetness accompanied by a tangy taste.

This relish can used as a condiment, you can add to your salad, eggs, crackers and almost anything, it can be used as a sauce, dip, marinade or basting sauce for chicken, fish and steak. Too tasty. Fiery Chili Relish a hot flavor for those who can handle the heat, lots of fire and flavor. This relish can be also be used as a condiment, as a sauce, dip, relish and as a marinade or basting sauce for chicken, fish and steak. Fiery chili will give you a kick. Flo Food Fusion Sauce: A combination of fresh tomatoes, paprika, jalapeno and herbs is what makes our Tangy Tomato Chili Sauce. Serve it as a dip, gravy or sauce with your favorite meal, use it as a marinade or basting sauce, add it to your chakalaka, stir fry, stew to get that zing. Even better use it as a gravy to turn your meal from bland to tangy.