African Stories Contributors


Wire is a leather smith who specialises in hand made and hand stitched leather bags and accessories, this is where this artist feels his legacy lies. “I hope to inspire and influence those who come after me to continue with and maintain the culture of hand crafted leather goods. “

I’m first and foremost an artist, I see myself as an all-rounder. For me everything I do is a form of art because it is a form of expression, poetry, music or collecting vintage clothing all these I do instinctively as a way to express who I am and what I stand for. I love the process of creation, I love the freedom in it.”

Babalwa Q. Kona

Babalwa is an African womanist, literacy specialist for Volkswagen and Shine, currently studying her BA Degree in Media, Communication and Culture. She is an artist who writes narrative poetry, children's stories beautiful and provocative stuff.

She would love to be remembered for being a woman who talked about women issues in a society that expects them to suppress their dreams and desires.


Vhusani is an introvert comfortable in his own space, happy to explore the world from his own perspective, most of the time from behind a lens. Born in the 80’s and raised in the 90’s he is the classic tele baby.

Television expanded my eye for creativity, it opened me up to the arts. I grew up on music videos and Jazz, art and poetry explored in movies on black love - Love Jones, I grew up on Viper and He-man. All this has influences the work I do and the approach I use.

I discovered my love for photography in 2010, starting with the club scene and progressing into editorials and advertising. I currently own a studio with my best friend.